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Rainbow Light Advanced Enzyme System
1x120 VCAP Each

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Rainbow Light Advanced Enzyme System 1x120 VCAP Each

Qty: 1x120 VCAP each

Weight (lbs): 23.04

UPC: 0021888351022

Manufacturer: Rainbow Light

Supplement Facts


I downgraded the rating one star due to my discovery of the ills of magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide and other injurious flow and filler ingredients used in the nutritional supplement industry. Magnesium stearate in particular irritates the stomach lining, causing "callouses" which prevent the absorption of the very supplements it infests, as well as your nutritious meals. Do a web search for "no magnesium stearate" to find supplements without the taint, but be prepared to pay a bit more as flow agents decrease production costs, hence their ill-advised use. What follows is the original product review: I've had a terrible problem with acid reflux in the past. I was eating Tums for dinner. Then I discovered the power of enzymes to almost totally alleviate the problem. When I take 2 enzyme capsules daily I don't have the problem unless I eat way too much acid-forming salsa or drink too much acidic bottled tea or soda. When my favorite brand of enzymes disappeared from the internet I turned to Advanced Enzyme System due to the wide variety of enzymes and other ingredients like turmeric at an economical price per capsule. I found that the product does the job for me as I am still heartburn-free as long as I have been taking it. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone looking for a quality enzyme formula at a very reasonable price.
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