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Kids UV Protective Swimwear

21 60 63 Kids Girls Sun Suit

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21 60 63 Kids Girls Sun Suit

Here's a great solution against radiation for your skin. Our unique sun suit provides excellent protection against sun's UV radiation and the great Blue Cancun Sunlight combination is loved by the kids. The perfect fit and comfort gives kids the flexibility to enjoy all outdoor activities and swimming.

Product Features: ~

  • EXCELLENT sun protection - blocks >97.5% of the sun's UV radiation
  • Provide protection against Jellyfish stingers
  • Italian made fabric - superb quality and fashionable
  • Chlorine resistance and durable - preserve colors and elasticity
  • Quick drying and breathable - for more comfortable feel
  • Pleasant on the skin - soft hand feel on both sides of fabric
  • Perfect wearing - excellent body fit and support for all body shapes

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Kids UV Protective Swimwear Save 13%
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31 91 64 Girls Junior Sun Suit Save 13%
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